Tuesday, August 12, 2014

When it rains, it pours!

The flooded rice field, or is it the path?
It rained SO MUCH THIS WEEEK! And we also had a Typhoon. I think one of the most memorable rain experiences of my entire mission...or life actually...will be our adventure coming home from our zone training meeting this week. We left immediately after the training meeting so that we could catch our bus because we had a lesson with an investigator. When we arrived back from our two hour bus ride it was still down pouring (it had been down pouring when we left). And we went to get our bikes. We discovered that Payne Shimai's bike was not where we had left it. We thought that her bike had been stolen, because mine was still there...but it turned out that we had just parked in a place that was dame and for some reason or other the city of Tokushima only took Payne Shimai's bike. So, at this point it is 4:30 in the afternoon, it is down pouring and we had left our rain suits in Payne Shimai's bike. (Or rather...I just forgot my rain suit, and Payne Shimai's rain suit was in her bike). So, we walk to the police station and discover that her bike is being held captive at a place that is 45 minutes away walking...and this place closes at 5 pm. And if we don't make it there by 5, we can't get the bike back until Monday. We sprinted through the rain with one bike, and balancing our bags full of important books (always good in the rain :) ) all the way to this place (they were kind and waited a little bit for us). I think we laughed the entire way there. I was biking, holding all of the stuff in my lap and wearing Payne Shimai's bike helmet, while Payne Shimai was running beside me. And she would look at me and start laughing because I looked so ridiculous, and then, I would look at her and we would fall into uncontrollable laughter. The adventure ended with us looking incredibly pitiful and being wetter than I have ever been in my entire life. And I was also freezing. After we retrieved her bike, we biked to the church, wrung out our clothes and then met with an investigator to go to dinner. She told us that she had never seen people look so wet, but she got a good laugh out of it..so that was a positive thing. Also, we drank delicious hot chocolate after we got home to our apartment that evening (after game night and such) and then, I slept with so many sweat shirts on... and it was wonderful.
We also had the most amazing lesson with a less active and it was basically the biggest miracle. But, the moral of the story is that God can work miracles and change people's hearts and anyone can repent and have eternal life. This lady is super old and struggles with remembering much of anything. But we showed up this week and all of a sudden she had decided that she wanted to be active again and receive eternal life and stop smoking and drinking tea and drinking coffee...and basically she just didn't obey any of the word of wisdom, but now she does! And she desires to be active again! It was amazing! And she remembered how to pray which is a small miracle in itself. But, Heavenly Father answers our prayers. 
Trying to dry everything out!

Also there was a Typhoon and church was canceled, which was sad because we had quite a few less actives who had committed to come. But, we had an eventful day of biking through rivers that used to be rice fields...or maybe actual biking paths...I don't really know at this point, and it was quite eventful. But, even a Typhoon doesn't stop missionary work. It was a really good opportunity to try and help people clean up outside of their houses and just talk to people as we were biking around after the storm. 

It was a week of miracles and it is amazing to feel the spirit guiding this work :) I LOVE IT SO MUCH. I just can't really put into words what it is like to work with these people and hear their prayers, and pray your heart out for them, and laugh with them and sometimes cry with them. And try to speak their language. And eat strange Japanese foods. And talk to people who you never thought you would meet in your entire life, but then, in an instant they change my life...it is amazing. I love it so much. 

I love you all!! And also thank you for the happy birthday wishes :) I hope that everyone has an amazing week!

Grundvig Shimai
Visits to one of the Temples

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