Monday, August 25, 2014

Tokushima Rivers

Hello everyone!

This week was super amazing! And I love Tokushima, and my companion and our investigators! There were so many miracles and I just really don't have time to write about all of I am really sorry about that. Ask me all about them in April and I will recount the amazing miracle to you that was my mission...that I just really can't actually accurately describe in words. The good news is that I am keeping a very detailed journal :) 

So instead I am just going to write about this amazing conversation that my companion and I had this week. This is a little analogy that she came up with because she loves teaching through tatoes. 

Sometimes, actually all of the times, people have weaknesses. We just are not perfect. And we are given the opportunity to see our weaknesses, our mistakes....all of it... and sometimes those things just feel really overwhelming. And sometimes we can get a little weighed down by...just problems. So in Tokushima there are A LOT of beautiful rivers. In Japan there are just a lot of beautiful rivers. But especially in Tokushima. We bike over a lot of bridges and I just see this gorgeous body of water and I love it with all of my heart. And sometimes there is a little bit of trash in those rivers. Those rivers are like us, and the trash is like our mistakes, or our weaknesses. It might spot the river a little bit, but in reality, you can only see it if you get really close. And the river is still absolutely beautiful! And it is so easy to simply pick up that trash, and then dispose of it properly by sorting your trash into plastics, bottles, cardboards and regular trash (welcome to the Japanese trash disposal system :) ) And every river has rocks that have been shaped and shifted by the rushing water and by passing time. And these rocks, the changes that nature has pulled on the river, just make it even more beautiful! 

We are like these rivers. The trash is like our weaknesses. The weather-beaten rocks are like our experiences. In the end, our experiences just strengthen us and make us more beautiful, and all of that trash can be removed through the atonement of Jesus Christ. And the river ends up being more beautiful than we ever could have imagined. 

I love you all :) Have a great week!
Beautiful River

Us with our District President and Family, and also our investigator!

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