Tuesday, April 29, 2014

To my Future missionary friends!

This was a letter Ariana wrote back during her MTC days.  For some reason we did not receive an email for her blog this week.  So here is one she wanted posted when she left the MTC, and I forgot to.  So, here it is!  Perfect timing since lots of good friends are heading on missions now too.

Helpful tips from the Provo MTC: (or little things I learned!)

  • Don't fall asleep in class.  This is the Lord's time, not ours.
  • Focus
  • Good, better and best.  there are lots of things to occupy your time.  You will always be busy.  Focus on the BEST things.
  • Divine dignity: Remember, you have literally been set apart from the world as a representative of Christ.
  • Read the "MTC foldout" that comes with the white handbook the FIRST day you get to the MTC...that way you don't accidentally break lots of rules that you didn't know existed.
  • only bring cute comfortable clothes.  If your comfortable clothes aren't cute, you will wear them all the time anyway.
  • Eat the ice cream.  It is always worth it.
  • Be EXACTLY obedient.  Do you want the Lord to trust you with the salvation of His children in the field?  That starts in the MTC.
  • Join the choir!  Not because of the singing, although that is all good too...but because the choir director is INCREDIBLE!
  • Love your "fake" investigators like they are "real" investigators, because role play is the way God trains His servants.  So, no pressure.
  • Have a good attitude.  About everything.  Even the food (yes, that will be the hardest part).
  • Don't freak out.  Everything will work out in the end-this is the work of Salvation.  DO YOU EVEN KNOW HOW LEGIT THAT IS?  So don't freak out, this is God's work, of course everything will be fine. :)
Grundvig Shimai

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