Thursday, April 17, 2014

A week behind the world

In Japan, General conference was this weekend instead of last weekend, because of the time change! So I feel a week behind everyone talking about general conference...but, I got to watch it in English, and that was a blast. I loved all the talks basically, and so I can't really choose a favorite. 

Here is a quick miracle/ funny story from the past two days! (Side-note - although, the Sister missionaries will now mostly be working with less actives, a new mission wide teaching plan, I can't actually do anything until we receive records from the ward, which we currently have not received, so it has been business as usual). So! Last night we were at Fuse Eki, making contacts. And we talked to this one lady outside of a Sushi Restaurant who had about zero interest in what we were talking to her about, but she was very nice. When all of a sudden someone runs up to me and says: "Excuse me! Do you have a Japanese Book of Mormon?!" And I felt like the WORST missionary in the world! I DIDN'T HAVE ONE!! And so I stumbled through my words, I actually don't even remember what language I was speaking with him, but we ended up exchanging phone numbers with him and giving him our chirashi (card). It turns out that he lived in America and recognized us as missionaries. He had seen missionaries bike by in America, and wanted to know more. So, when he saw us he got really excited. This morning, we called him and had a very confusing phone call and we didn't really understand what he was talking about, besides that somehow he knew the elders in our we thought we had accidentally contacted one of the elders investigators. So then we called the elders to ask if they knew who this guy was and it turned out that they were teaching him at that very moment! He had followed the map on the back of the chirashi to go to the church and walked in on the Elders while they were emailing their families...and they started teaching him there! It was super cool!
Another funny thing...we met a girl this week named Yagi. Yagi in Japanese means goat. But, she is amazing and we think that she is still one of the Lord's sheep :) She is 20 years old and recently moved to Higashi Osaka and she is one of the hardest working people I have ever met and I love her a lot. We helped show her where the cheap grocery stores are because we know our area pretty well. I also maybe got into a small bike accident with her, but we were both fine and we sat on the side of the road laughing for a while.
I love you all a ton!!
Grundvig Shimai :)

I hope you enjoy this beautiful message of Easter:  Because of Him

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