Monday, March 3, 2014

The Lord's Work

Grundvig Shimai and Cain Shimai
The Lord's Will Be Done. This is the message that I have pulled from the past few weeks. Sometimes I get it into my head that I have some sort of effect on what happens in this work...and I forget that the Lord is really in charge of absolutely all of it. That includes the moments when we miss trains...or get on the wrong trains...and end up somewhere we did not mean to go...but we meet someone that we were obviously supposed to meet. 

On Wednesday this week we had a training with a member of the 70, Whitings Choro, . He is amazing. I loved everything he said - it was very flat, straight and to the point. Before the training he asked us if we wanted milk, or we wanted meat. Everyone said meat. And he definitely gave us meat. (D&C 19:22) Something interesting about the Japan missions - each one has some sort of "reputation." Tokyo is flashy, Fukuoka tends to be funny people...etc. I don't know how true these reputations are, but the Kobe, Japan mission hold the reputation of having very serious missionaries. I don't know if that means we take ourselves too seriously, but we are a rather serious group. Everything is always so intense all of the time. Part of me really loves this- because I think that pretty much everyone here would work until they fell down dead. But, Whitings Choro's training reminded us that as much work as we do, it really doesn't amount to what the Lord can do. And through the Lord's grace, we can do all things that are His will. Without the Lord's power...we can't do much of anything. How true this is. 
Domino's Pizza with what tasted like Mayonaise on it!

A gift from a friendly contact.  Chocolate and an apple
Sunday was amazing! On Saturday night I called a man who was a potential investigator from a year or so ago. He said that he would come to church! He came to church - which in itself is a tender mercy :) and he was SO prepared to hear the gospel message! He has been carrying around a Plan of Salvation pamphlet for a year, as well as the chirashi that the sister missionaries gave him. He stayed for all three hours and absolutely loved all of it. He asked for a Book of Mormon. He was the most adorable old man ever with a plaid jacket, bright orange pants, and a tie with a picture of a mountain on it. He had the whitest hair that I have ever seen and he was probably the sweetest person in the entire universe. The Elders are going to start teaching him this week and I am so excited to see how he progresses, because he is clearly seeking after spiritual truth. 

Have a great week! 
Grundvig Shimai

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