Monday, January 27, 2014

"Through small and simple things, great things shall be brought to pass."

My companion and I have been working to look for the small miracles in our life and in the work, because we are definitely in a faith-building period right now. We are constantly working to rely on the Lord and to see His hand in all things. Even though this work is not easy, and the city seems full of A LOT of people that don't really want to speak to us...we are finding small miracles.
I love these construction cones in Japan!

After a long day of biking in the cold, we came home and we were REALLY hoping that we would have some mail. We walked up to the door and Dean Shimai said "We could REALLY use some love right now." We didn't have any mail. But, we had an ad that said "Jesus Loves You!" with a big heart on it. It was hilarious. And we kept it. 

One of our investigators asked us to come over to her house, and she made us a delicious Japanese meal. It is nice to feel loved and see the people that we meet here that I can't imagine NOT having in my life...but without the Lord's help and the mission experience, I never would have met.

Today while we were outside hitting our futons, a man walked by and started talking to us. He wanted to know about the church and we set up an appointment at the church with him tonight! 

Sometimes the days are long, and sometimes it feels like not much good is coming from our efforts. There is a line in Preach My Gospel that talks about how important it is to continue onward, because we never know what the fruits of our labors will be. I read a story in the Liahona (The Liahona, published in up to 47 languages each month, is a magazine for adults, youth, and children.,+book+of+mormon,+40+years+later ) the other day about a man who placed a Book of Mormon on his mission, and the boy he gave it to moved to Bolivia shortly thereafter. 40 years later, this missionary met a young man while teaching at the MTC who related to him the conversion story of a man in his stake, who had been given a Book of Mormon before moving back to Bolivia after college. There is a lot more to the story, but it is the principle that is important. It may be a week from now, a year from now, or 40 years from now that we see the fruits of our efforts, but the important thing is that the fruits will come, and we have no idea how many people the fruit will feed.

Much love!
Grundvig 姉妹

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