Tuesday, January 6, 2015

"Dendou is like a box of chocolates..."

Christmas Goodies
"...you never know who you are gonna find...or when...or where...or how...or why....and that's all I got to say about that."

The Skit..."Making Nabe"
Above Quote is courtesy of Lake Chourou from the Christmas Taikai, which featured a missionary talent show. Lake Choru and Tucker Choro, from my MTC district are currently...or at least they were...companions, and they put on a hilarious skit titled, "What if your mission president was..." And it was the funniest thing.. Featuring our mission president as characters from Lord of the Rings, and Bane, Forest Gump...and many others. Welch Kaichou (My Mission President) loved it.

Good to be together, some MTC mission friends
The Ibaraki/ Takatsuki district featured the "Making Nabe" skit - a spin off of "Making Beans" from the Annandale Stake Girls Camp. I did not tell the Elders that I stole the skit idea from Girls Camp, because I had a hunch that might make them want to perform it less. However, it turned out to be pretty good and we had a lot of fun performing it!! Also, at the Christmas Taikai, I was able to see a lot of the members of my wonderful MTC district... and we took a picture together and it was so crazy to see everyone after a year. Also, one of the Takatsuki Elders is being transferred (poor Takatsuki all of their missionaries are being transferred, quick and not regularly scheduled transfers) he is going to Kobe to help put together the portal for the iPads that we will receive in March - and Tucker
Christmas party!
Choro from my MTC district is transferring in! He had to pack up and move out in a day...because they needed him in Kobe, basically immediately, so that has been pretty taihen. My whole mission, transfers have never really affected me because I just stay...and then stay...and then stay....and it is wonderful!! But then all of these weeks of unplanned transfers is making me a crazy person.

But...back to the first line of this letter! You never know who you are going to find, or when, or where, or why or how....

This week we had a lot of amazing experiences where the Lord led us to exactly the people that we needed to find! We were really focusing on being where the Lord wanted us to be in order to find new investigators, because if we listen... the Lord will guide them to us, or guide us to them. So, after visiting a few members and sharing Christmas messages with them, we were housing near the church because we had a few minutes before Eikaiwa...and we felt prompted to leave and go house in a different area. Which we did. And the first door that we knocked turned out to be a lady who used to be an investigator and was SO excited to see us! She practically threw the door open and invited us in. She had absolutely zero money because it was the end of the month, she was super, super humble, but heated up water for us to have something warm to drink. It was so sweet. She became an investigator on the spot...and then we had to sprint to Eikaiwa to make it there in time. It was an amazing Christmas Eve Miracle!

The whole week we were led by the Lord, and He is really allowing His work to move forward here. This morning we ran into a lady who flagged us down and told us that she wanted to meet with the missionaries and pointed out where she lived. It was kind of crazy and I thought she was really confused about who we were...but it turned out that she did know that we were the Mormon missionaries and used to meet with missionaries and had also recently been missing meeting with us. So, that was also a neat morning miracle.

I LOVE being a missionary during Christmas time, and I feel super lucky that I get to be a missionary twice during Christmas. :) We had a wonderful Christmas dinner with a member in our ward who is AMAZING. And we talked about her mission, and when I shared a scripture with her, tears just started running down her face. And I don't really know what I said that she needed, but the spirit must have guided my words because I don't really remember what I said and I also shared a scripture that I was not planning on sharing -but, when we teach by the spirit we will be able to teach to the needs of the people around us.

The Lord loves us! He is our Savior! It is a special time of year and a wonderful time to be a missionary.



Grundvig Shimai

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