Monday, October 13, 2014

When the storms are raging...


It has been a great and busy week. With Payne Shimai leaving we are just working as hard as we possibly can during these last few days. This week is her last one and so we are planning lots of super great dendou activities and I am really excited. Her strong desire to continue on as hard as she possibly can is amazing and I love it. 

We also got to watch General Conference this weekend! It is always kind of funny to watch it a week behind the rest of the world...but it is still just as amazing and inspiring and I love it just as much. One of my favorite talks was by Elder Scott. I loved everything that he said about prayer and scripture study and family home evening and going to the temple...and no matter how well we are doing on each of those things, we can always make some improvements. There is always something that we can do to improve our relationship with our Heavenly Father! 

One neat experience this week was on the train to a lesson with an investigator...we started talking to these girls who were 19, and explained that we are missionaries. They asked us if we knew how to pray. We said we did. They asked if that meant we got to talk with God. We said we did. One of the girls eyes turned so wide and she looked unbelievably excited to hear more. It made me so grateful to be a missionary and be able to share that knowledge with everyone. I LOVED the message from Elder Bednar in conference about why we do missionary work! Because we have a light! If you had the most wonderful solution, something that made you feel better than anything else...wouldn't you also want others to experience this too? I love that I get to do this every day with the gospel, that this is the light I get to share with other people.

In other news there is currently an enormous typhoon and I am a little bit nervous because I think the wind is moving the building a little bit. And we were very nearly blown off of our bikes this we are emailing as fast as possible so we can make it home safely...and so this email will be very short.

The most important thing is that Tokushima is doing well.
I love being a missionary.
Jesus Christ lives.
Heavenly Father loves you.
And through the Lord's power, anything is possible!

Love you!
Grundvig Shimai

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