Friday, June 6, 2014

A blue house and 森

Good Morning!!

It was a crazy busy week in Tokushima. We were unbelievably busy this week because out of no where we had tons of investigators who really wanted to meet with us, and Less Actives that we found....and the Lord just blessed us a lot. We saw so many miracles as we interacted with our investigators and the members and went out and worked everyday.

Sidenote- I am probably going to be in Tokushima for the summer and it is  SO HOT. It is only JUNE. And it was still May last week and it got over 100 degrees. (in the 30s for C). It was so hot. I almost melted off of my bike.

Anyway, we had an amazing experience with prayer earlier on in the week. There was a less active man that we were trying to find and we could just not find his house ANYWHERE. We didn't really have very much to go on because the only thing that we knew was that it was behind a Tokushima Ramen Shop...and in case anyone was wondering...there are kind of a plethora of ramen shops in Japan. Finally, we decided to say a prayer because we didn't have that much time left before we had a teaching appointment with a Less Active lady. We said a prayer to know where he lived. In the prayer, Palmer Shimai posed a series of questions: "Does he live in a house or an apartment? What color is the house? What way do we turn from the main street? What is the konji on the house?" With each of her questions, a very clear answer would come to my mind. We finished the prayer and she said that she had thought of the konji for "North" and that he lived in a house. I had felt that he lived in a blue house, left from the main street and that the konji on the nameplate was mori. We went back to the main street, found a street that had the konji for North on it, turned left and saw a blue house with the konji for mori (forest) on it. . No one was home. We committed to return and visit later (which we still haven't had time to do...) and left for our teaching appointment. During our teaching appointment we were talking about prayer, and the Sister we were meeting with expressed her doubts about receiving answers for prayers. Our experience came to my mind, and I shared it with her. The spirit was SO strong as I testified of the power of prayer and that the Lord will answer us if we ask for His help. She teared up a little bit and committed to continue meeting with us. She talked about how she had not thought about the things we talked about with her for a long time, and that she had not felt the feelings that she felt with us in a long time....
I may not know if that less active man lives in the blue house with the Konji for Mori on it...but I do know that the Lord gave us that experience, that tender revelation, so that we could share a powerful experience and testimony with a Sister who needed to hear that God will answer her prayers. He does so regularly. He did it for us that day.

We also had an amazing doseki lesson when we taught our investigator from Indonesia (who has the best Japanese ever. I was so impressed. I was expecting his Japanese to be easy to understand...I was wrong...hahaha) but, his boss called him during the lesson and told him that he couldn't have Sunday off. Our investigator begged to keep his off day on Sunday so that he could go to church. His boss very flatly said no. できない!今日会話だめですよ!といいました. It was super intense. After the phone call our investigator was like...I promise I want to come to church...but as you just a little hantai. So our Doseki was just on FIRE. And threw down like none other! This woman was just baptized less than a year ago and she was like: "I wanted to take that phone and yell at your boss- but you know what? If you have faith you will be able to come to church. If you pray, the Lord will soften his heart, and you will be able to come to church." Our investigator kind of laughed and she was like: "No. Really." And retestified and then we retestified and the spirit just testified of all of us and this amazing Indonesian man was like Ok YA! It was just the best moment ever and I loved this member more than anything after that lesson. She will definitely be doseking for us again hahaha.

Anyway....those are just a few of the experiences that we had this week! I hope everything is wonderful in America.

Grundvig Shimai

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