Tuesday, May 20, 2014

おいしい祖 ("It's Delicious")

I am really sorry, because I don't have very much time at all to write this email....but it was an amazing week!

I sent a ton of pictures that basically describe my week in a nutshell. We did so much! We visited tons of less actives, and most of them weren't home..but we did teach one totsuzen less active lesson this week. And it went really well so that was good :) 

We taught our French investigator from the Congo and she is the sweetest, most beautiful person ever. (Basically I think that about all of my investigators though). Also, we had a lesson with our 80 year old おばちゃん (Aunt) I love her. She is hilarious. She likes to randomly start singing songs about the United States in English during our lessons. 

Some highlights of the week!
I ate sushi roll! It was delicious. I love Sushi Roll with all of my heart and I would like lots of Sushi Roll restaurants to open up in Virginia. Because I love them.

I ate sushi roll for the first time and it is my new favorite food ever. I love sushi so much 

Also, we hiked a mountain at 5 am this morning. We hiked down the mountain with these two old men who were hilarious and kept taking pictures of us.

My Beautiful Tokushima area

Hello Sunrise!

Early morning hike to the top of a mountain

A stop during our Hike

We had a branch carnival on Saturday. I loved it. This branch is so cute and fun and there are so many KIDS! They are all crazy and we had an apple bobbing contest and somehow they all managed to get themselves completely soaked from head to toe while bobbing for apples.

At the way fun branch carnival on Saturday!! 

I translated Church again yesterday. There were two American speakers so it was significantly easier and my translation was more accurate. 

I love Tokushima! 

I am sorry that this email is so short! 

Much love,
Grundvig Shimai

p.s. We biked to the zoo last preparation day and I got very sunburned. :) 

Last preparation day we went to the zoo!! 

Palmer Shimai and Grundvig Shimai at the Tokushima Zoo

The Bird Cage at Zoo

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  1. Sungjin will be soooo happy that he will have someone to eat sushi with now! :) Dionne P.S. short emails with lots of pictures say tons more than long emails sometimes. (ie. A picture is worth a thousands words.)